Public Libraries

Helping You Transform Lives In Your Community: The Career Transitions experience is about accessibility and guidance: helping your users get started — and follow through — on meaningful activities to improve their chances of finding sustainable employment.

Partnering with You to Make a Difference: We have worked closely with you to understand your needs in helping patrons navigate today's challenging employment environment. Helping promote the unique value libraries bring to their communities is our specialty, and we are committed to help you communicate that value with Career Transitions's new Trends, Activities, Outcomes and Reporting services:

  • Visual, easy-to-create reports detailing what users are engaging in and finding valuable
  • Optional user surveys to identify accomplishments and transformative value (jobs, progress)

Designed to provide detailed insight into the activities your users are engaging in, including the option to gather individual success stories and achievements, these services will help you deliver measurable results to your community and funding sources.

Now Integrated with Testing & Education Reference Center! For customers who have subscriptions to both solutions, Career Transitions now connects their users directly and seamlessly into Testing & Education Reference Center for all of their practice test and exam preparation needs.